Burna Boy’s Unique Handshake with Friend Raises Eyebrows


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Popular Nigerian singer Burna Boy has sparked curiosity online after a video of him exchanging a unique handshake with a friend went viral.


In the video, Burna Boy is seen stepping out of his car and immediately meeting up with his friend. They greet each other with a distinctive handshake.

Many people online have raised questions about this particular greeting.

Some netizens believe that the handshake is a sign used only by cultists, which has led to a lot of speculation and discussion.

The unusual nature of the handshake has left fans and followers wondering about its meaning and significance.


Burna Boy

As the video continues to trend, people are divided in their opinions. While some think it’s just a friendly gesture between Burna Boy and his friend, others are concerned about the potential implications.

The handshake has definitely caught the attention of the public, adding to the ongoing conversation about Burna Boy’s lifestyle and choices.

Despite the mixed reactions, Burna Boy has not made any public statements about the handshake or the speculation surrounding it.

The video remains a hot topic on social media, with many users sharing their thoughts and interpretations.


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