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Cassidy Hutchinson Threats

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Cassidy Hutchinson is likely to face severe threats after he testified against Ex-President Donald Trump. Olivia Troy, former Homeland Security Adviser to Ex-Vice President, Mike Pence, shared that Hutchinson’s life may never be the same.

I am grateful for people like Cassidy who are out there telling the truth about what the reality was in the days and aftermath of the elections. And look, Cassidy, her life will be forever changed. her life will never be the same,” Olivia Troy said.

What did Cassidy Hutchinson say?

There have been several opinions about Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony. As Trump supporters claim her testimony is untrue, other people also think otherwise. Cassidy Hutchinson testified during a surprise hearing on Tuesday [June 28, 2022], stating that Ex-U.S. President Donald Trump was eager to go to the US Capitol with his armed supporters on January 6, 2021, just as Congress was certifying the election results.


Cassidy Hutchinson | Credit: Twitter

She revealed that on occasions when Trump got angry, he’d throw stuff in the White House dining room. Adding that Trump held the neck of a Secret Service agent and tried to take over the wheel of his SUV, demanding to be taken to the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Screaming, “I’m the f***ing president.”

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