Celebrity Crocodile Wrangler Star Matt Wright Charged Over NT Chopper Crash


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Crocodile Wrangler star Matt Wright is currently facing charges bordering on pervertion of justice, destruction and fabrication of evidence, and two counts of unlawful entry.


This is coming after an incident that occurred on February 28, 2022, claimed the life of Chris Wilson, 34, in an helicopter crash.

Wrangler had asked Wilson to harvest  eggs from crocodile nests for his TV show Outback Wrangler

Wilson had been harvesting the eggs 30 metres below the Robinson R44 helicopter, in West Arnhem Land, when it crashed.

Wrangler has been ordered to show up before the Northern Territory Police in Darwin latest by November 30.

The body of the crash victim, Wilson, had been found 40 metres from the main wreckage at the King River crash site.


Matt Wright
Photo Credit: The Australian

Wilson had attached himself to a rope so he could harvest eggs from the swampy area properly, while the helicopter was hovering above him.

The helicopter’s blade had cut through a tree trunk several times before the aircraft crashed.

The pilot, Sebastian Robinson, sustained fatal injuries and was taken to a hospital in Darwin.

Wrangler’s show “Outback Wrangler” is a wildlife TV series shot in remote Top End locations and airing in over 90 countries.

The show takes viewers through the journey of how wild animals such as crocodiles and buffaloes are transported.



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