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Chethana Raj Husband: Was Chethana Raj Married? Who Was Chethana Raj’s Boyfriend?

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Late Kannada actress, Chethana Raj, seems to be unmarried and with no records of a boyfriend.

However, there have been contrary reports revealing that the 21-year-old actress had a love marriage in December 2018, without the support of any of her family members.

Her love-spouse is reportedly a co-actor named Ravi. Both stars have been runninh a YouTube channel together based on love-centred issues.

Photo Credit: Hindisip

What Happened To Chethana Raj?

Raj passed away after a heart attack, as a result complications from a liposuction carried out at a private hospital in Bengaluru’s Rajajinagar.


Her father, Govinda Raj explained that his daughter died from negligence because her lungs were filled with water which caused her breathing problems.

There were no proper facilities in the ICU,” Govinda lamented.

“My daughter died due to the negligence of the hospital. The doctors have conducted surgery without parental consent and without proper equipment.”

“My daughter was hale and hearty. She was absolutely fine. She had gone to hospital with her friends.

I will initiate legal action against the hospital authorities,” he added.


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