Chip Wilson Children: Meet JJ Wilson, Brett Wilson, Tag Wilson, Duke Wilson, Tor Wilson


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Chip Wilson, a prominent American-Canadian billionaire, businessman, and philanthropist, is not only known for his remarkable achievements but also for the profound impact he has made on the business world.


Yet, behind every great man is a great family, and Chip Wilson’s legacy is beautifully intertwined with his five sons, who have been making their own marks in various fields.

From his first marriage to Nancy, Chip Wilson welcomed two sons into his life, JJ Wilson and Brett Wilson. These two individuals have embraced their father’s spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.

JJ Wilson, one of Chip’s sons, has become a recognized figure in the world of fashion and fitness. Alongside his wife Shannon Wilson, JJ founded Kit and Ace, a luxury T-shirt retailer that has revolutionized the industry with its proprietary cashmere blend.

But JJ’s endeavors don’t stop there. He co-founded Ride Cycle Club, an innovative indoor spin studio that offers a unique fitness experience. In a bold move, JJ recently ventured into the world of marketing and advertising.


He, along with three partners, launched the Very Polite Agency, a creative agency that offers a range of services, including digital marketing, public relations, and advertising.


From his second marriage to Shannon Wilson, Chip welcomed three more sons into his loving family: Tag Wilson, Duke Wilson, and Tor Wilson. As they grow and mature, they are poised to continue their family’s legacy in their own unique ways.

Today, Chip Wilson, his wife Shannon, and their five sons operate a dynamic holding company called Hold It All. This diversified company invests in various sectors, including apparel, real estate, and private equity. The Wilson family’s commitment to making a meaningful impact is evident in their many business endeavors, and it is clear that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.



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