Chip Wilson Parents: Meet Mary Noel Ruth and Dennis Wilson


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Chip Wilson, the American-Canadian billionaire, businessman, and philanthropist, has an inspiring story that goes beyond his remarkable career.


To truly understand Chip, one must delve into his family background, where the seeds of his success were sown.

Born in San Diego in 1955, Chip’s parents, Mary Noel Ruth and Dennis Wilson, played pivotal roles in shaping the man he would become. They set the stage for his entrepreneurial journey and unwavering commitment to philanthropy.

Dennis Wilson, Chip’s father, was no stranger to the world of sports. A gifted athlete, he left an indelible mark as Calgary’s Athlete of the Year in 1952 at the tender age of 18. His talents extended to both hockey and football, two sports that held great prominence in Calgary during that era.

In fact, he even joined the farm team for the Chicago Blackhawks, although it folded due to financial challenges. Subsequently, in 1954, he embarked on a football journey at Brigham Young University in Utah. Dennis’s athletic prowess and commitment to sports instilled values of dedication and perseverance in his son Chip.


NEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 06: (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE) Chip Wilson visits SiriusXM Studios on November 6, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

Chip’s mother, Mary Ruth Noel, hailed from the picturesque city of San Diego. From her youth, she demonstrated her athleticism as a gymnast and even achieved the significant milestone of becoming the first female lifeguard at the Plunge Pool in Mission Beach, San Diego.

The story of Mary and Dennis began when they were just 19 and 21, respectively. Their love story unfolded in the vibrant backdrop of San Diego, Mary’s hometown. Their journey together commenced with a shotgun wedding—a testament to their love and commitment to each other.

Subsequently, they made a significant move to Orange County, settling near a budding development called Disneyland. In this burgeoning locale, they embarked on a new chapter of their lives, establishing a foundation of family, love, and shared experiences.

Although Mary and Dennis later separated and remarried other individuals, they continued to be significant pillars in Chip’s life. Their unwavering support extended to all his business ventures, offering guidance and encouragement.




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