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Christian Aaron Boulogne was a French photographer, actor and writer. He was known by the nickname, Ari Boulogne.


His biological father was French actor, Alain Delon although Delon has consistently denied paternity to him. He was initially raised by his mother before he was adopted by Delon’s mother Edith and her second husband Paul Boulogne whose surname he legally took.

Christian Aaron Boulogne
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Boulogne spent most of his childhood in Bourg-la-Reine. In 2001 and 2019, he attempted to sue Delone for recognition of paternity but without success.


Boulogne reunited with his mother as a teenager and began his career as an actor. He made appearances in films directed by Philippe Garrel including, The Inner Scar which he starred in with Nico and The Secret Son in which he was credited as Ari Paffgen.

Boulogne also made an appearance in Paul Morrissey’s Mixed Blood. After acting, Boulogne took on a career as a photographer.

Boulogne died on May 20, 2023, at the age of 60. He was found dead in his Paris apartment. A woman, supposedly his partner, was taken into custody for the failure of duty to rescue.



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