Cindy Barker: Who is David Coverdale‘s wife?


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Cindy Barker is the current wife of English singer, David Coverdale.


Cindy Barker marriage

How long has Cindy Barker been married to David Coverdale? How many years have Cindy Barker and David David Coverdale been married? Cindy Barker and David Coverdale have been married for 26 years; since 1997.

David Coverdale / Credit: Metal Wani

Cindy Barker children

Does Cindy Barker have any children with David Coverdale? How many children does Cindy Barker have with David Coverdale? Who are Cindy Barker’s children? Cindy Barker has a son called Jasper Coverdale who is fathered by David Coverdale.


Cindy Barker profession

What is Cindy Barker’s profession? What does Cindy Barker do for a living? What does Cindy Barker do for work? Cindy Barker’s profession is not known yet.

Cindy Barker age

How old is Cindy Barker? What is Cindy Barker’s age? What age is Cindy Barker? Cindy Barker’s age is not known yet, however, she is believed to be in her 60s.


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