CNN Anchor: Fredricka Whitfield Biography; Net Worth, Husband, Family, Parents, Height

Fredricka Whitefield is an American news anchor and journalist that anchors the weekend edition of CNN Newsroom from CNN’s world headquarters in Atlanta. She was born on 31 May 1965.


Fredricka Whitefield attended and graduated from the Paint Branch High School in Burtonsville, Maryland in 1983. She earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Howard University, school of communication in 1987. Fredricka served as a news anchor for campus radio station WHUR. In 2002 she was selected as Howard University School of Communication Alumna of the year.

Whitefield after graduation from school joined NBC News and served as an Atlanta-based correspondent for NBC Nightly News from 1995 to 2001. She also worked for other news programs at NBC including Today; she was a morning and afternoon anchor as well as an assignment reporter.

Fredricka Whitefield then joined CNN in 2002 and anchored several major stories and was the first anchor to break the news of the death of Ronald Reagan. She also reported the devastating Asian tsunami which occurred in December 2004 and reported from the Persian Gulf region during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Fredricka currently anchors CNN’s weekend edition of CNN Newsroom from CNN’s world headquarters in Atlanta.

Despite the hard work of Fredricka Whitefields, there have been some controversies about her during her career as a news anchor at CNN.

In 2004, Whitfield’s interview with comedian Joan Rivers came to an immediate end when She criticized the comedian as being mean-spirited and for wearing a vintage fur. Fredricka recorded in subsequent broadcasts that her interview with comedian Rivers is one the most talked-about interviews that end abruptly with an exit.


Fredricka again on June 13, 2015, described a gunman who attacked police in Dallas as  “courageous and brave” on air. She thought the gunman might be part of a coordinated terrorist attack. In a live show the following morning Fredricka claimed that she has misspoken but did not offer any formal apology. She later issued a formal on-air apology, saying she has misused those words and was sincerely sorry.

Fredricka Whitfield Net Worth

Fredricka Whitefield is a very hardworking woman. Her current position at CNN shows how hardworking she is. However, her estimated Net worth as of 2020 is $500,000.



Fredricka White is married to John Glenn, the director of photography at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, since 199.


Fredricka was born into a family of three, a sister, Nyna Konishi, and two brothers, Ed wright and Malvine Lonnie Whitefield. As a woman who is married, she is having her own family of three children, a son, and fraternal twins.


Fredricka Whitefield was born and raised by her biological parents, Nola Whitefield and Mal Whitefield. Mal Whitefield was an American middle-distance runner and Olympian.


Fredricka White is 6 feet 2 inches tall. Considering her height she is tall as her height is above the average height of a woman, 5 feet 4 inches tall.