Consistency is Key to Shaping Ghana’s Creative Sector, Says Nana Asaase


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Esteemed poet and Secretary of the National Folklore Board, Nana Asaase, has emphasized the crucial importance of persistence in the growth and advancement of Ghana’s creative industry.


He emphasized that unwavering commitment would establish Ghana’s unique presence on the global creative stage.

Speaking at the Creative Entrepreneurship Roundtable during the Citi Business Festival on Channel One TV on Tuesday, Nana Asaase urged young artists to persevere in their pursuits to achieve lasting rewards.


Nana Asaase / Photo Credit: Lagos International Poetry Festival

He shared his own journey as proof of the rewards that come with persistent effort, having honed his skills through steadfast dedication.

“…I started off with zero and a lot of faith and confidence and I realised one of the things that has gone has been consistency to produce results and wherever you go you need people to guide you.”

“Everybody wants their daughter to be a lawyer, doctor and all of that. But the creative industry holds a lot for us,” he articulated.


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