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Cori Anika Bush, the prominent American politician, nurse, pastor, and Black Lives Matter activist, brings a remarkable story of resilience and motherhood to the forefront of her public narrative.


Cori Bush is the mother of two children, and the deeply personal aspects of her life have become intertwined with her public advocacy. In the year 2000, Cori faced a daunting challenge when she gave birth to her first child, a son named Zion.

His arrival came nearly four months prematurely, a situation exacerbated by doctors initially ignoring Bush’s severe pain.

Describing the critical condition of her newborn son, Bush, a former nurse, recounted, “His ears were still in his head. His eyes were still fused shut. His fingers were smaller than rice, and his skin was translucent.”

Despite being told that Zion had a zero percent chance of survival, he defied the odds after a month on a ventilator and four months in intensive care. Today, Zion is 23 years old, a testament to resilience and the power of hope.

The challenges did not end there for Cori Bush. Shortly after Zion’s birth, she became pregnant again, only to face another harrowing situation.


Cori Bush shares photos of her two children on Mother’s Day. (Credit: Cori Bush/IG)

Sixteen weeks into her second pregnancy, Bush went into early labor, and a doctor at the hospital conveyed that the baby would be lost and wasn’t worth trying to save. Undeterred, Bush insisted on intervention, rejecting the dismissive approach of the doctor.

In a display of strength and determination, Cori Bush confronted adversity head-on. Her daughter, born under challenging circumstances, became another anchor in her life.

However, the challenges persisted, and shortly after her daughter’s birth, Cori found herself unhoused. Living out of her car with her partner and newborns, she navigated the complexities of motherhood amid homelessness.

During this difficult period, Bush relied on fast-food restaurants to mix formula for her newborns and carried her belongings in trash bags in the back of the vehicle. This chapter in her life underscores the intersection of personal struggle and public advocacy, as Cori Bush draws from her experiences to advocate for those facing similar challenges.

Cori Bush’s journey is a testament to the intertwining of personal and political, showcasing the depth of her commitment to social justice and equity. As she continues to champion causes close to her heart, the story of Cori Bush is one of resilience, motherhood, and an unwavering dedication to creating positive change in the world.


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