COVID-19: Over 50s who had Covid in last six months prone to another virus – Study reveals

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Persons over 50 years old who had Covid during the last six months are at high risk of another illness, a study has detected.

People who fall into this category could find they contract shingles in the months after warding off Omicron.

Research published in the journal Open Forum Infectious Diseases revealed even patients with a mild case were at greater risk than those who had not been infected with Coronavirus disease.

Those who were hospitalised with a severe case of coronavirus are more at risk, at 21 percent possibly to develop shingles.

Omicron is a milder strain of Covid, mostly in the vaccinated.

Most people recover from the virus following a couple of days’ rest at home.

It is believed that contracting Covid can be a cause to reactive the virus, with older people more at risk.


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The most common first signs of shingles are tingling or pains in patches of the skin, with a headache.

It follows after a recent study found people who caught Covid were at higher risk of several conditions for the next 12 months.

Even those who didn’t have an ailment dreadful to be hospitalised could develop issues.

The research, published in Nature Medicine, warned long-term effects of Covid could be seen in the heart and vascular system.

These include cardiac arrest, heart failure, stroke, irregular heart rhythms, blood clots, blood vessel diseases and inflammation disorders.

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