Creator Clash Results

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The boxing event, Creator Clash, has been very entertaining, especially as it is the first of its kind.

To start off the night we got to see Matt Watson (167K supporters) versus Father (337K supporters). It didn’t take long for Dad to get a fast TKO triumph over Watson in under 30 seconds

Following up, Ryan Magee of SuperMega (956K supporters) versus Alex Ernst (1.44M supporters). It was a hard faced battle, Alex controlled the greater part of the activity with his hard crashing hit. Eventually, Alex Ernst scored a unanimous choice triumph.


Photo Credit: YouTube

In Heavyweight activity, Erik of The Internet Comment Etiquette versus DJ Welch. DJ went after Erik every step of the way, got a speedy knockdown in the first, forced him to take a knee in the second and the side of Erik threw in the towel after that second round.

At last the main event in Cruiserweight saw iDubbbzTV and Doctor Mike finished off the show.

Doctor Mike controlled the pace all through the first and was closing in on him as the round finished off.

iDubbbz took the last round with sheer determination. He completed the battle, gassed out and he didn’t stop punching.

Eventually, it all ended with a Doctor Mike getting unanimous scores of 50-45, 50-45, 49-46 from the judges.

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