Dan Campbell Teams Coached, Salary, Net Worth, Quote, Politics And Coffee Order Of The American Football Coach

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American football coach, Dan Campbell is a former tight end who is currently the Head Coach of the Detroit Lions of the National Football League (NFL). He is 45 years old; born on 13th April 1976 in Clifton, Texas, United States.

Dan Campbell | Credit: NBC Sports

Dan Campbell teams coached

How many teams have Dan Campbell coached? Campbell coached two teams before his role at Detroit Lions in 2021. They are;

  • Miami Dolphins – Tight Ends Coach (2011 -2015)
  • Miami Dolphins – Head Coach (2015)
  • New Orleans Saints – Assistance Coach (2016 – 2020)
  • Detroit Lions (since 2021)

Dan Campbell salary

How much does Dan Campbell take as salary? Throughout 11 seasons that the coach has participated in the NFL, he has accumulated a salary of $8,901,000 with signing bonuses of $4,120,000.

Dan Campbell net worth

How much is Dan Campbell worth? Sources indicate that he is worth over $17 million.


Dan Campbell quote

What are Dan Campbell’s best quotes? He is best known for quotes like;

  • “Energy.”
  • “Kneecaps.”
  • “True Alpha.”
  • “Pet Lion.”
  • “Butt wipe.”
  • “Turds,” and more.

Dan Campbell politics

What politics has Dan Campbell being involved in? Earlier this year (2021), Campbell apologized for a controversial ‘bonfire comment’ he made during his college days. He said that in 1998, he liked going to Texas A&M because ‘men like women and women like men.’

He apologized to a local newspaper saying; “I offended some people, and I’m sorry for that. It was the heat of the moment. It’s not necessary that I directed it at anymore.”

Dan Campbell coffee order

What is Dan Campbell’s coffee order? Somewhere in August 2021, he made the news when he disclosed his coffee order to reporters. According to him, on a daily, he drinks two Starbucks venti iced coffees with double shots of espresso in each.

Did Dan Campbell play for the Detroit Lions?

Dan Campbell in the third round of the National Football League in 1999, subsequently played for the Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints.

Who is Dan Campbell’s wife?

Dan Campbell has been married to Holly Campbell since 2005.

How much does Dan Campbell weigh?

Dan Campbell weighs 265 lb.

Where did Dan Campbell come from?

Dan Campbell comes from Clifton, Texas, United States.

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