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Dave Hebner Cause Of Death

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Famous referee, Dave Hebner, who was a part of one of the most-watched wrestling angles in history has died from an undisclosed illness. He was 73.

It was revealed on May 28 by former race driver Hermie Sadler, who has had numerous moments involved in pro wrestling. In past, it had been revealed that Hebner had Parkinson’s disease.


Dave Hebner
Image Credit: Wrestling Inc

His death was confirmed by his nephew, Brian Hebner, who is also a referee. Dave and his twin brother, Earl, were born on May 17, 1949, and grew up in the Richmond, Virginia, area.

Dave began refereeing in the late 1970s around the area. He was a fan of the likes of George Becker, Johnny Weaver, Ole and Gene Anderson, and Anthonio Rocca and began by helping to set the ring.

There have been a lot of condolences pouring in for him from his fans.

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