Dave Rainford Cause Of Death

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Dave Rainford, Eggheads Dave, or ‘Tremendous Knowledge,’ as David Omotayo Domingo was called, was one of the most outstanding quiz masters. His exceptional ability to store knowledge was admired by a lot of people, and it won him notoriety as a professional quiz expert in the mainstream media.

Dave Rainford died in Withington on March 7, 2020. He apparently died of persistent heart illness, according to rumors. After fans raised suspicions about his absence from the Eggheads show in 2019, he acknowledged having been suffering undetected illness months prior.

He managed to attend a number of charity events and compete in the Withington Pub Quiz League even though he struggled with health concerns that worsened over time.

This is what he said, “Brand new Eggheads starting on Monday. I was still recuperating when these programmes were recorded, but I can promise you that there are some great shows coming up with excellent challengers that will keep you on the edge of your seats. Keep watching.”


His admirers and coworkers paid him respect, referring to him as a “Mancunian legend.”

Image Credit: The Mirror


Image Credit: The Mirror

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