David Walliams Ex-Wife: Who is Lara Stone?


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Lara Stone, the Dutch model whose marriage to David Walliams captured the imagination of many, has offered a rare glimpse into their relationship and her life in the public eye. Their love story, though brief in terms of marriage, was filled with whirlwind romance, the joys of parenthood, and ultimately, a separation that drew significant attention.


The couple’s journey began in 2009 when they crossed paths at a Chelsea football match, an unexpected meeting that would change the course of their lives. David Walliams, the renowned Britain’s Got Talent judge, and Lara Stone embarked on a romance that was as intense as it was short-lived. In January 2010, just months after their engagement, they exchanged vows in a lavish ceremony that captured the hearts of many.

Three years into their union, the couple welcomed their son, Alfred, who is now nine years old. However, amid the glitz and glamour of their celebrity status, Lara Stone found herself thrust into the spotlight in a way that she described as “terrifying.” In a candid interview with Dutch Vogue, she recounted an incident when paparazzi relentlessly pursued her as she went about her daily life. “I’d been at his house and was walking back to the Tube, and this car was driving next to me, and they were taking pictures the whole time,” she revealed.


The relentless scrutiny and media attention undoubtedly took a toll on the model, making her reflect on the challenges that come with fame. “It was just so bewildering and terrifying,” she admitted. The spotlight on their relationship, fueled by public curiosity, added a layer of complexity to their private lives.

In 2015, David Walliams initiated divorce proceedings, citing “unreasonable behavior.” However, reports suggested that he was reluctant to end their marriage and was willing to give their relationship another chance, primarily for the sake of their son. A source disclosed to The Sun, “David didn’t want to divorce and desperately hoped they could work things out.” Despite their separation, their shared commitment to co-parenting Alfred remained unwavering.

David Walliams has often spoken about the joy of fatherhood, describing it as the “best” part of his life. His love for his son shines through in his words and actions, as he continues to embrace the role of a dedicated and loving father.

While David Walliams and Lara Stone’s marriage may have come to an end, the impact of their whirlwind romance and shared parenthood remains. Their journey serves as a reminder of the complexities that fame and love can bring, and the importance of cherishing the best moments in life, including the joys of being a parent.


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