UFC heavyweight Derrick Lewis was slammed on social media after he spit in his opponent’s food ahead of their fight.

Lewis, 35, headlines a UFC Fight Night shows in Las Vegas against Alexey Oleynik, 43, on Saturday. Before the fight the pair were sent food by the UFC’s Performance Institute.

And after Lewis got his hands on his and Oleynik’s food, he spat in the Russian’s meal to add “flavor” to it.

“I believe it’s missing some ingredients. We’re still going to get him his meal; it’s very important. It’s fight week, I know he’s going to be hungry,” Lewis said.  “It looks good, right? I’m going to add some flavor to his food. He probably won’t even notice. He’s from Russia, they don’t have any soul food over there.”

Lewis, a former title challenger, was slaughtered on social media for the sick stunt.

One said: “Jesus that’s disrespectful.”

Another said: “Dude I am fan of yours but you just disrespected the food here. People are dying of hunger across the world and you did this?”

One added: “Now I hope Oleinik kicks his a–.”

The video comes as the UFC tries to keep their stars safe amid the coronavirus pandemic. On the week of events, fighters are required to take a COVID-19 test and immediately quarantine in their hotel rooms until their results come back.

Individual workout spaces have also been provided as well as portable saunas to accommodate weight cutting.

All others involved in a UFC event, including trainers, staff and media are tested for coronavirus.

Following travel resections into the US, the UFC stationed themselves in Abu Dhabi throughout July. The Dana White-dubbed ‘Fight Island’ international fighters could compete in a secluded area on Yas Island, which featured a newly build indoor arena.

Source: New York Post

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