Did Candy Montgomery get convicted?

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Candy Montgomery is not in jail as of June 2022, she was acquitted of the crime she allegedly committed in June 1980.

What did Candy Montgomery do?

Candy Montgomery was accused of murdering Betty Gore, the wife of her lover.

Candy Montgomery crime

When did Candy Montgomery‘s crime take place? Candy Montgomery‘s crime took place on June 13, 980.

How did Candy Montgomery‘s crime happen?

Candy Montgomery allegedly killed Betty Gore by “slicing her with an ax 41 times, following a confrontation Montgomery’s month-long affair with Gore’s husband.”

Candy Montgomery age

How old is Candy Montgomery? What is Candy Montgomery’s age? Candy Montgomery is 72 age.

Betty Gore age

How old was Betty Gore when she was murdered? Betty Gore was 30 years old when she was murdered.


Candy Montgomery and Betty Gore | Credit: Celebrity Buzz

Candy Montgomery new name

What is Candy Montgomery‘s new name? Candy Montgomery‘s new name is Candy Wheeler.

Is there a movie about Candy Montgomery?

Candy Montgomery‘s life has inspired a tv series dubbed Candy. It premiered on May 9, 2022.

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