Did PopularMMOs hit his girlfriend? Was PopularMMOs married?

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Patrick “PopularMMOs” Julianelle, a well-known Minecraft YouTuber, is warning his followers not to believe everything they read or hear after online rumors circulated that he had been detained for domestic abuse.

According to documents from Duval County, Florida, a man was taken into jail on May 16 at 11:15 PM. At the very least, his name is identical to the individual in the records.

Additionally, they claim that he was detained on suspicion of domestic assault and causing bodily harm before being freed on a $2,503.00 bond.

Additionally, the accused was allegedly involved in a violent argument with his girlfriend while they were having sex, according to a police report. His girlfriend eventually bit him and fled the house nude.


Was PopularMMOs married?

After getting married in 2015, Pat and Jen appeared in several videos on both channels together. They even started their own channel.

PopularMMOs-Jen-and-Cat-Cloud -| Via Instagram

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