Diwali 2020: 5 Ways To Surprise Your Friends On The Diwali Festival

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One of the beautiful festivals celebrated in India is Diwali. And on this day so many things are done to make this occasion very special.

The best thing about this festival is that it is a day when people make their bond sweeter and healthy with their families, friends, and loved ones. In case you are wondering how you can surprise that friend of yours during Diwali 2020, worry no more because we are going to list the top 5 ways you can surprise that friend at the Diwali festival.

5 Ways To Surprise Your Friends On The Diwali Festival

There are so many ways to surprise that cherish one in your life at the Diwali festival. Below are some ways to do that;

Buy Them Gifts Hampers

If you want to give a bit of everything to your friends, this is the ideal gift option. The ideal Diwali hamper will have some sweets or chocolates, a selection of dry fruits, some candles or such likes, some fragrant potpourri, and a good luck charm or wish card.

But the best thing about a hamper is that you can always personalize the gift, add in little tit-bits that mean something to them or that has been on their wish list for a long, wrap it all in a bow and you will have a present that is bound to delight your friends.

Organize Party

One of the ways you can surprise your friends, families, and loved ones is by organizing a party for them. A surprise party without their knowledge will make your friendship grow stronger and healthy.


Surprise Trip

You can also organize a fun trip to one of the places they cherish the most. You can plan a trip without informing your special ones and surprise them on the day of Diwali. You can make the trip to the hill station, which is a beautiful place to feel relaxed and also you can enjoy your full day with natural beauty.

Believe us guys, and it is a unique and thoughtful way that will surely make your dear ones very pleasant and delightful. You can also involve your family on this trip by making beautiful memories with them.

Homemade sweets and cakes

It is easy and best to surprise your loved ones with a sweet treat. The happiness is doubled when your dear ones know that you make a sweet with your hand. It is the way to show them how important they are and put their efforts into making them happy.

So, choose the best Diwali sweet for your dear ones and make it at your home. If you have no idea how sweet is prepared at home and the ingredients used for making the sweet, you can take the help from Youtube videos; here, you can get all the information very profoundly and correctly. You can get the idea of how the sweets are easily made at home.

Visit Them

We as a whole realize these days that everyone is exceptionally occupied with their work, and it is difficult to spend time with our friends. However, Diwali celebrations permit us to spend a delightful time with our friends and make memories with them. has local correspondents across Nigeria and Ghana who are behind the incredible journalism our portal enjoys.

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