DJ Cuppy Reveals, Her Favourite Brand, Fendi, Snubbed Her When She Reached Out For A Collaboration

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DJ Cuppy has taken to social media to reveal the reason she has stopped making her weekly #offendingwithfendi posts.

Cuppy, who is a big fan of designer brand Fendi, was making posts every week, rocking fending everything from outfits to shoes, bags, caps ect.

DJ Cuppy

But she had not been making the posts anymore these days and according to her, fans believed it was because she had run out of Fendi stuff.

However, responding to this, Cuppy has shared that, the reason she has stopped making the #offendingwithfendi weekly posts is that, she is disappointed with the brand.


She revealed that despite her constantly rocking Fendi and making noise about it, the brand snubbed her when her team reached out to them for collaboration and didn’t even acknowledge her as one of their big customers.

Cuppy, shared this on Twitter, tweeting with a grid photo of herself rocking various Fendi fashion items.

Find the tweet below…


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