Does Brandy Clark write her own songs? What songs have Brandy Clark written?


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Brandy Clark, a renowned songwriter, crafts heartfelt and clever lyrics, delving into themes of love, identity, and the mundane.


Notably, she pens most of her own songs, showcasing her prolific talent. Beyond her solo work, Clark’s songwriting prowess shines through hits like “Follow Your Arrow” for Kacey Musgraves and tunes for Miranda Lambert.

Her skill has garnered widespread acclaim, with 17 Grammy nominations and a coveted CMA Award for Song of the Year under her belt.

With her authentic storytelling and undeniable talent, Brandy Clark continues to leave an indelible mark on the music scene, captivating listeners with each verse she pens.


Brandy Clark
Photo via Los Angeles Times

What songs have Brandy Clark written?

Brandy Clark is a powerhouse in the music world, known for her remarkable songwriting skills across various genres.

As an artist, her creations like “Mama’s Broken Heart” and “Follow Your Arrow” have left a lasting impact, collaborating with renowned names like Miranda Lambert and Kacey Musgraves.

Beyond her own performances, her pen has crafted hits for icons like Reba McEntire and Sheryl Crow, with tracks like “The Day She Got Divorced” and “Homecoming Queen” resonating with audiences worldwide.

With accolades adorning her career path, Brandy Clark continues to enchant listeners with her heartfelt lyrics and captivating narratives, solidifying her status as a true musical virtuoso.


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