Frederick Leonard being one of the famous and most celebrated actors in Nigeria has been on people’s lips these days. Many raise issues concerning his marriage life as he is not yet married. The 44 years old Nigerian movie star is the role model of many youths and many are anticipating his marriage.

Peggy Ovire with Frederick Leonard

However, many ask if Frederick Leonard have a child. Well, going straight to the point, Frederick Leonard is currently not having a child as he revealed in an interview. Frederick further explained his decision of not having a child, that he doesn’t want to have a child with a woman he is not ready to settle down with, and he doesn’t want a woman who will be too busy to take care of his children.

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Frederick Leonard was once engaged to Nollywood actress Peggy Ovire, but their relationship only lasted for a year and they broke up. There is no record of birth between Frederick and Peggy Ovire. Frederick has dated many women but did not have any child with any of them.

Frederick remained single ever since he broke up with Peggy Ovire and is not willing to enter into any other relationship unless he finds a woman who is humble, respectful, God-fearing, and hard working.