Does Laura Pausini still perform? What did Laura Pausini sing at Eurovision?

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Laura Pausini OMRI is an Italian singer. She rose to fame in 1993, winning the newcomer artists’ section of the 43rd Sanremo Music Festival with her debut single “La solitudine”, which became an Italian standard and an international hit.

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Does Laura Pausini still perform?


Unfortunately, there are no concert dates for Laura Pausini scheduled in 2022. She plays a selection from the Grammy-winning album ‘Lo canto /Yo canto’ which always goes down really well with the fans inside the venue.
She has such a warm personality and addresses the crowd as one numerous time, chatting on a personable level and simply elevating the already amicable atmosphere.
The crowd sings, dances, sways, and cheers in all the right places and Pausini seem genuinely pleased with their dedication and overall interaction with the music. By the final tones, there is a feeling that both the performer and audience members do not want the evening to end.
What did Laura Pausini sing at Eurovision?
Laura Pausini & Mika duet together in the Second Semi-Final, singing the songs Fragile (Sting) and People Have The Power (Patti Smith).

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