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Dom Phillips: Remains of murdered British journalist found in Brazil

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The Brazillian police have confirmed that the remains of one of the two bodies found in the Amazon rainforest are those of UK journalist, Dom Philips.

They say the identification was based on dental records. Dom Philips was reported missing on June 5 with Pereira. Earlier in the week, a suspect was confirmed to have buried the bodies.


Dom Phillips
Image Credit: news.sky.com

The pair went missing in Javari valley, in Brazil’s far west, a remote region home to thousands of indigenous people from more than 20 groups. It is a refuge for these indigenous groups who live in isolation from the outside world.

After the confession, the family of Dom Philip mentioned that they were heartbroken by the news. In an interview, Philip’s sister, Sian Philips stated that his family had been aware of their risks and that her brother had underplayed them to an extent

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