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Dom Phillips Wife: Who Is Alessandra Sampaio?

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Alessandra Sampaio, the wife of Dom Phillips, is a beautiful woman who has gone viral as a result of the death of her husband, Dom Phillips. Alessandra Sampaio and Dom Phillips have been married for over a decade and they lived happily together.

Alessandra Sampaio and Dom Phillips had a good time together and their marriage crashed as a result of the unfortunate death of Dom.


Alessandra Sampaio
Alessandra Sampaio
Image Source: Twitter

Alessandra Sampaio is not active in the media scenes and as a result, there are no details about her in the media. Alessandra Sampaio has received a number of condolence messages after the death of her lovely husband.

Alessandra Sampaio’s husband’s remains were found in the Brazilian Amazon after he was reported missing for some days since June 5.

After the remains of Dom Phillips were found, Alessandra Sampaio made the statement: “Now we can bring them home and say goodbye with love.”

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