Don Fluitt Daughter: Who has custody of Siena Fluitt?


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Fluitt’s bludgeoned body was discovered in his garage on December 29, 2016. His throat had been slashed. On the night of Fluitt’s murder, a security camera in the neighbourhood captured a man entering and exiting his garage. It was Fluitt’s ex-wife Christine White’s husband, Terry Lee White.


Siena, Fluitt’s 11-year-old daughter, was the subject of a custody battle between her parents. In January, Fluitt and his ex-wife were scheduled to appear in court to discuss changes in child support payments.


There is no information concerning who has custody of Siena Fluitt on the internet. However, it is safe to assume that Don Fluitt’s brother has custody of Siena since her mother Christine White was charged with conspiracy to murder in Don Fluitt’s death last year.

Christine White was apprehended after her husband, Terry, told a cellmate at the Metropolitan Detention Center that she urged him to murder Fluitt.


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    Karen Stoddard

    Saw the show! She needs to serve time! She was evil in having her second husband in trying to kill himself. She definitely has major psychological issues, anger, manipulation, no thought on human life, love, etc…

    She needs to be somewhere where she WILL be manipulated!

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