‘Don’t Stop Doing Good To People Because Of Bad People’ – Linda Ikeji Advises

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Linda Ikeji has taken to social media to dish out a piece of advice to her fans by telling them to not stop doing good to people because of bad people.

The popular Nigerian blogger and entrepreneur took to her official Instagram handle and shared some beautiful photos of herself and advised the fans to put on their best attitude to everyone even though they may not get the same treatment in return.

Linda Ikeji

According to Linda Ikeji, who recently advised her fans on social media to ignore whoever ignores them for no reason, some people would choose to show you their cold shoulder, no matter how good and excellent you treat them, but it is always better to stay positive and continue with the good works to reap the harvest in the end.

No matter how good you are to people, it won’t make them good to you! But that shouldn’t stop you from being a good person or doing good! It has its own rewards!

Have a blessed weekend! ❤. Swipe for more gorge pics! ????” she wrote.

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