Don’t Take Pics With The Person You Are Dating – Destiny Etiko Counsels

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Controversial Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko has taken to her social media page to share some words of advise to those who are dating/ in romantic relationships.

Destiny Etiko cautioned against taking pictures with the person one is dating.

This, according to the actress will help keep one’s reputation intact in case the relationship does not work out.

Again, the actress stressed that it will also help in denying the said partner in the future if the relationship does not work out.

Destiny Etiko/Instagram

Destiny Etiko wrote on Instagram; “Don’t snap picture with any body you are dating so you can deny them in future! Repeat after me… I AM NOBODY’s EX”. 

Destiny Etiko’s advise is quite weird considering the fact that a lot of people take pride in posting those they are dating on social media.

On the other hand, her advise may come in handy if one does not have enough confidence about his/ her relationship working out.

See Destiny Etiko’s post below:


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