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Dr. Anu Fella is aka Sisianu is an American doctor who is also specialized in performing cosmetic surgeries. She is widely known for her body enlargement operations. Dr. Anu Fella is also the CEO of Med Contour Medical.

Dr. Anu Fella was born on 15 June 1985 in Nigerian where currently resides. Much of her early life is not public but she graduated from the University of Lagos.

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Dr. Anu botched surgery

Dr. Anu Fella was arrested and arraigned before a Nigerian High Court for carrying out a botched surgery that led to the death of one Mrs. Nneka Miriam Barbra Onwuzuligbo.

Dr Anu Fella qualifications

Dr. Anu Fella is reported to have the University of Lagos in 2017 where she studied to become a medical doctor but never did her mandatory national service. Many of her mates are shocked she turned into a plastic surgeon within a short period.

Dr. Anu age

Dr. Anu Fella is 35 years of age.

Dr. Anu failed surgery

Dr. Anu Fella had a couple of failed surgeries that left her patients especially ladies in pain or death. Several of her clients have opened up about the after-effects of her failed cosmetic surgeries in Nigeria.

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Dr. Anu pictures

Dr. Anu Fella is a beautiful young lady ad very curvacious. She is very different from most of the female medical doctors you might meet in the hospital.

Here are pictures of Dr. Anu;


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Dr Anu Fella
Dr, Anu Fella

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