Drake Stoops (Football player): Who is Bob Stoops’ son?


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Norman, Oklahoma – For Drake Stoops, football is in his DNA. As the son of former Oklahoma Sooners head coach Bob Stoops, he’s been immersed in the world of OU football from a young age, and it’s a passion that continues to define his life. Drake’s journey from a walk-on to a scholarship wide receiver is a testament to his dedication and skill.


Now in his redshirt fifth-year as a wide receiver for the Sooners, Drake Stoops has become a familiar and beloved figure in Norman, earning the respect of fans and peers alike. With the upcoming season marking his sixth and final campaign with the Sooners, Stoops remains resolute in his approach, not letting the passage of time alter his mindset.

“Same attack mindset,” Stoops affirmed, emphasizing his unwavering commitment to the game. Whether it’s his first year or his sixth, he remains steadfast in his dedication to excellence.

Drake Stoops’ journey from a walk-on to a prominent player on the team reflects his unwavering work ethic and determination. He has accumulated an impressive record with 80 career catches, 914 receiving yards, and seven touchdowns to his name. Stoops attributes his success to rigorous film study, countless hours of practice, and relentless effort on the field.


“I’ve always approached it with a lot of film study,” Stoops shared. “A lot of hours. Stuff like that. Going hard on the practice field really made me confident come game time.” This disciplined approach has been the hallmark of his career.

What sets Stoops apart is his commitment to consistency, a quality that has endeared him to fans and coaches alike. As he prepares to step onto Owen Field for the upcoming season opener, he acknowledges the special significance of this moment.

“I’m just really trying to soak in every moment,” Stoops revealed. “I’ll take a deep breath when I run out there on Saturday and just soak it all in and cherish it for what it is, and that’s a great opportunity and a blessing to be out there.”

Drake Stoops’ journey is a remarkable testament to his love for the game, tireless work ethic, and the enduring legacy of the Stoops family in Oklahoma football. As he embarks on his final season, fans can expect nothing less than unwavering dedication and electrifying performances on the field.


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