Dylan O’Brien Net Worth, Age, Height, Instagram, Movies, Accident

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Dylan O’Brien born on the 26th of August, 1991 is a famous actor in the United States of America. His zodiac sign is Virgo according to the clarifications of astrologers.

He was born to Lisa (former actress) and Patrick O’Brien (camera operator). He has one sibling whose name is Julia O’Brien. Apart from acting, he is also into music. At age 14, he began his own YouTube Channel where he always posted videos.

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Dylan O’Brien Net Worth

Dylan O’Brien is a rich actor and is listed to have a net worth of about $1.5 million.

Dylan O’Brien Age

Dylan O’Brien recently turned 30 years old as he was born on the 26th August 1991.

Dylan O’Brien Height

As at the year 2020, Dylan is 5 feet and 11 inches tall or 180 cm tall. Also, he weighs around 152 pounds.

Dylan O’Brien Instagram

Dylan O’Brien Movies

Although he is known for a lot of things, his fame set out when he played Thomas, which was the lead role in the Maze Runner. This was a dystopian science narrative series. Also, he gained more fame in Teen Wolf where he played Stiles Stilinski.

This was an MTV television series. Before that, he starred in Sweety High in 2010 as Clever Trevor. This was a TV Series. Some other works to his name include High Road, The First Time as well as American Assassin not forgetting supporting role like Deepwater Horizon and The Internship.

Dylan O’Brien Accident

Apart from being into music and an actor, he is also a stuntman. While on the set for Maze Runner doing a stunt, he got injured badly.

In the year 2017, a car struck him by mistake when he was being pulled by a vehicle. This hit left Dylan with a brain trauma, facial fracture, and a concussion.


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