Dylan Rounds Missing Utah: Mom fears she was murdered

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Dylan Rounds, a 19-year-old Utah resident, has been missing since May 30, 2022, and his mother believes he is dead. Dylan’s mother, Candice Cooley, has hired a private investigator to find her son, but she believes he was murdered.

Cooley didn’t think it was unusual when Rounds didn’t call her for three or four days. Rounds was in constant contact with someone in their Idaho family. He spoke with his grandmother last on May 28, as he prepared to harvest the first crops on his farmland between Utah and Nevada.

When Cooley went to see her son on May 30, she found his property deserted and his truck inside the shed.


Photo: (Photo : Allison Dinner/Getty Images)

A search and rescue team was dispatched to find the teen farmer, and they discovered his only pair of boots among a pile of dirt near his RV camper. His other belongings, such as his wallet, cellphone, and pistol, were missing.

“As much as I hate to say it, I’m pretty sure someone murdered my son,” Cooley said.

Investigations are still ongoing and the Cooley family has offered $100,00 for verified information on the teen farmer.

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