Edudzi Calls for Bryan Acheampong to Withdraw from Sale of SSNIT Stake in Hotels


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Private lawyer and Director of Legal Affairs for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Edudzi Tamakloe, stated that the Minister of Food and Agriculture, Bryan Acheampong, should withdraw from buying SSNIT’s 60 percent share in four hotels.


According to Mr. Tamakloe, information from the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) indicates that Rock City Hotel Limited, a company owned by the Agriculture Minister and MP for Abetifi, is operating at a loss and therefore unfit to purchase the profitable SSNIT hotels.


Edudzi Tamakloe / Photo Credit: Modern Ghana

During an interview on TV3 New Day on Tuesday, June 18, Edudzi Tamakloe said: “You are asking Bryan Acheampong’s Rock City to take these hotels. Now when you go to Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) the last update on the financials of Rock City was updated on the 4th of April 2024. Rock City posted a loss of GHC1.9 million.

“So now the question is: between Labadi Beach, Ridge Royal and Rock City which one should be taken over?

“This issue of SSNIT trying to diverse 60 percent of its stake in these four important hotels, I mean, if Bryan Acheampong has anything called conscience left in him, he should disengage.”


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