Electoral Commission Grants Provisional Certificate to People’s National Party


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The Electoral Commission has issued a temporary certificate to the People’s National Party (PNP) to get ready for the 2024 elections.


This decision follows a recent High Court verdict on April 8, 2024, which affirmed the suspension of PNC’s General Secretary, Janet Nabla, and restored David Apasera as the party’s leader.

The PNP was formed anew after founding members split from the PNC, following three years of internal leadership conflicts within the latter.

During a recent National Executive Council meeting, the PNC leadership, headed by Janet Asana Nabla and her faction, threatened legal action, claiming that those who have chosen to separate from the PNC have no authority to affiliate themselves with anything associated with Dr. Hilla Limann.

David Apasera was recorded stating, “The move by certain dissatisfied members of the PNC to revive our former party, the PNP, is an effort to mislead our party members and the Ghanaian public, and thus will not succeed.”

PNP / Photo Credit: Graphic Online

“All those who have gone as we have said, the PNP cannot see the light of day because we are going to challenge it,” he said.


Despite the threat, on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, the PNP successfully obtained a Provisional Certificate from the Electoral Commission to proceed with establishing party offices in all regions and constituencies.

Ms. Janet Nabla was appointed as the National Chairman of the PNP, alongside other interim executives: Francis Oppong as Vice Chairman, Sulemana Seidu as General Secretary, Abdul Kadri Issah as Deputy Secretary, Francis Daasu as National Organizer, Faustina Anane as Deputy Organizer, Jessica Aputare as Treasurer, Zakaria Mohammed as Deputy Treasurer, Patience Lamisi Adams as National Women’s Organizer, Sandra Adepa as Deputy Women’s Organizer, Muniru S. Mohammed as National Youth Organizer, Bright Foto as Deputy Youth Organizer, and Samuel Ayesu as Communication Secretary.

Janet Asana Nabla, Chairman and leader of the PNP, responded by suggesting that the PNC should concentrate instead on making their party appealing to voters.

The PNP leaders appealed for the support of Ghanaians, pledging to uphold principles of honesty, integrity, and transparency, and promising to prioritize the nation’s best interests.


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