Emmy Viewers Outraged Over ‘sexist’ Comment from Queen’s Gambit

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Viewers of the Emmy awards show felt a sense of disappointment when Horbergs made a comment about a cast in the Queen’s Gambit series during an award presentation.

The comment which was supposed to be a Championing towards women empowerment was rather viewed as “Sexiness”.

image: twitter

The Netflix series Queen’s Gambit won the ultimate prize at the award show: The Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series.


Taking the mic alongside the cast and Frank, Queen’s Gambit EP William Horberg beamed: “The one thing that no algorithm can predict, that no billion-dollar budget can manufacture is word of mouth. This award is for the fans who told their friends and who became fans who told their friends,

And to Anya Taylor-Joy, Horbergs said: “What can I say? You brought the sexy back to chess, and you inspired a whole generation of girls and young women to realize that patriarchy has no defense against our queens,” which drew applause from those in the room.

Horgerb has received a lot of backlash from viewers of the awards show.

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