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Prominent Nigerian rapper Erhiga Agarivbie, also known as Erigga, is mourning the loss of his father.


He took to his Twitter page to share the sad news of his father’s passing. In his heartbreaking tweet, Erigga wished his father eternal rest in the afterlife, acknowledging that his father had tried his best on earth.

Erigga’s tweet simply stated:

Erigga /

“Rest in peace Pop man 🍃💨 you try e no easy 💔💔💔💔💔💔”


He did not reveal the cause of his father’s death or his father’s age at the time of passing. Social media users expressed their empathy and condolences in the comment section, offering support to Erigga during this difficult time.

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@OGBdeyforyou wrote; “My condolences man 🙏🏾”

@NetNaija_ commented: “Our condolences. Wishing you strength to navigate through.🕯 🕊”

@Manlike_Ace remarked: “Sorry for your loss paper boy. Hes proud of you no doubt”

@anthokneeoh said: “Damn! May her soul rest in peace 🕊️ Our prayers are with you paper boi 😞” 

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