Evangelist Ebuka Obi Addresses Church Members Rejoicing Over New Building


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Evangelist Ebuka Obi has addressed the controversy surrounding his church members’ reaction to the demolition of an MFM (Mountain of Fire) church building.


Days after some of his members were seen jubilating as they demolished the MFM church, Evangelist Obi has apologized and clarified the truth of the matter.

According to Evangelist Obi, his church did not actually buy the property. Instead, the MFM church had given them the building to expand their Zion ministry.

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Obi claimed that the story portrayed by bloggers online was very different from the actual situation.


Evangelist Obi revealed that the reason his members were singing and jubilating was not because they were mocking the MFM church, but because the demolition happened during their praise and worship session.

He has apologized to the General Overseer of the MFM church, Dr. D.K. Olukoya, explaining that the incident was blown out of proportion.

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