Ex-wife, Nabila to Sue Oritsefemi


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Nabila Fash, the former wife of Oritsefemi, is preparing to take legal action against him for defamation, particularly regarding his claim of 21 miscarriages and other allegations.


In a recent interview, Oritsefemi stated that he had attempted to impregnate his ex-wife, Nabila, but she had allegedly experienced 21 miscarriages. He mentioned that Nabila had even asked her friends to physically assault him at his home.

Ex-wife, Nabila to Sue Oritsefemi /

Nabila, through her attorney Rockson Igelige, has refuted these accusations. Mr. Igelige provided an official statement and a cease-and-desist letter to Oritsefemi, demanding that he stop defaming and threatening their client.


The statement addressed to Oritsefemi stated,

“You know for a fact that the above-quoted statements, amongst others, that you made during the said interview are all concocted lies designed to disparage, tarnish, and damage our client’s character and to bring her to public ridicule and hostility. Our client did not send any friends to assault you nor experience 21 miscarriages during her marriage to you. Our client rejects your defamatory remarks aimed at damaging her reputation.”


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