Fans React to Video of Timini Egbuson and Bimbo Ademoye Cuddling in Bed


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The internet is abuzz with chatter following the emergence of a video featuring actors Timini Egbuson and Bimbo Ademoye snuggled together while asleep after a film shoot.


The widely circulated footage captures the well-known Nollywood stars in a peaceful embrace, sparking curiosity among online spectators about the nature of their relationship.

The video, showing the two actors sleeping in what appears to be a close and affectionate manner, has raised questions about whether their bond extends beyond mere friendship.


Bimbo Ademoye /

This has prompted discussions on social media platforms, with users speculating on the dynamics of their relationship and the possible reactions of their respective partners.

The incident has also ignited debate on the boundaries of platonic friendships and the perceptions surrounding such intimate displays between colleagues.

Fans and followers of both actors have expressed varying opinions, ranging from admiration for their apparent closeness to curiosity about how such interactions might affect their personal lives outside of the movie set.


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