Farooq Oreaga Opens Up About His Battle with Incurable Cancer and Fame at Ojude Oba


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Farooq Oreagba, the celebrated businessman known for his flamboyant style at the Ojude Oba festival, has revealed a deeply personal battle with incurable cancer.


In a poignant interview on Arise News, Farooq spoke about how his uncertain prognosis has shaped his approach to life.

Diagnosed with bone cancer in 2014, Farooq underwent a bone marrow transplant that same year.

Despite the challenges, he remains resilient, emphasizing the importance of family and tradition tied to the Ojude Oba festival, where he has been a fixture for over 15 years.


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Farooq candidly shared how his illness affected his social circle, reducing his friends from millions to just a handful. He reflected on the stark reality of facing mortality, yet he chooses to embrace each day with joy and gratitude.

“People wonder why I’m so happy despite having incurable cancer. I tell them, ‘As long as you’re alive, you’re in the game and you can win.’ Every day is a blessing,” Farooq remarked, highlighting his positive outlook amidst adversity.

Beyond his personal journey, Farooq is active in cancer charities and provides support to others facing similar health challenges.

His story serves as an inspiration, demonstrating resilience in the face of adversity and the profound impact of a positive mindset.


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