Female fallen angels names


Angels have always been a part of the human heritage regardless of religion or belief system, the concept remains interwoven within the culture of man.

Who is the female angel of death?

Azrael is the female archangel of Death.

Who are the seven fallen angels?

The seven fallen angels who are also known as the Nephilim, include;

  • Lucifer (who represents pride)
  • Mammon (greed)
  • Asmodeus (lust)
  • Leviathan (envy)
  • Beelzebub (gluttony)
  • Leviathan (envy)
  • Belphegor (sloth and laziness)

What do you call a female angel?

Angels are neither male nor female and do not experience gender the way that humans do. However, the female equivalent of Angel is Angela.


Angel sculpture in public cemetery of ¨Recoleta¨,(Buenos Aires, Argentina), isolated over white background.

What is the name of the dark angel?

The dark angel is called Lucifer.

Female Fallen Angels Names

The majority of the fallen angels are males hence there are only a few female angels who were expelled from heaven. Here is a list of them;

  • Lillith: a female fallen angel who is usually referred to as Adam’s first wife, before Eve. She is said to be the female fallen angel who searches for children to kidnap or kill.
  • Marchosias: a female fallen angel who looks like a she-wolf with the wings of a griffin.
  • Obyzouth: a female demon and fallen angel who kills newborns and causes still-births.
  • Onoskelis: a female fallen angel who lives in caves and perverts men.
  • Enepsigos: a fallen angel who appears in the shape of a woman.
  • Gomory: a fallen angel who appears as a camel-riding woman of beauty.