TB Joshua (Photo: Emmanuel TV)

Femi Fani-Kayode has challenged the Federal Government to allow Prophet TB Joshua to pray for COVID-19 patient in isolation centers in Nigeria.

This was after a video showed COVID-19 patient in isolation centers in Honduras giving testimony of how they got healed by a prayer offered by TB Joshua.

TB Joshua was connected to the isolation centres via satellite.

Femi Fani-Kayode who reacted to the video advised the Federal Government o carry out the same thing in Nigeria.

“The satellite was connected to Covid-19 isolation centres in those countries & after prayers the patients were healed. The doctors looking after them at the centres & the patients themselves testified to this. Even the World Health Organisation has publicly acknowledged and commended the good work he is doing and TB himself has said that the prayers must be coupled with the taking of the necessary medication and that all Covid protocols must be observed and strictly adhered to.

“He said that the medical and the spiritual must go together. This man has done so much for the Church, for the poor, for Nigeria and for humanity. His compassion, efforts and ministry are truly remarkable which is why I often mention or write about him.

“I also know that, like yours truly, he is the object of envy and hate by many of his peers who are either ignorant of who and what he is and what he represents or who simply feel dwarfed by him and who really do not know him.
They find it hard to comprehend or accept the fact that his humility, humanity, kindness, forgiving spirit, generosity, compassion and selflessness are the source of his strength and the reason for his extraordinary favour from God. I cannot understand why many Nigerians do not appreciate the work he is doing.

“I challenge the Federal Government to hook him up by satellite through his Emmanuel TV to isolation centres in Nigeria as well and see the result,” he said.

He said more than ever before “we need the healing touch of God to deliver us from this evil plague and we have someone that can provide that through prayer on television right here in our shores. Millions all over the world are tapping into this great anointing and blessing but some Nigerians remain skeptical and cynical.

“It is time for our people to show some humility and respect, swallow their pride, appreciate his efforts, acknowledge the power of God in his life and turn to him for help. That is his calling and ministry and that is what he was brought into the world by God to do. No matter what you cannot take it from him no matter how much you doubt or denigrate him.”


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