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Fenway Sports Group Holdings, LLC, is the ultimate parent company of Major League Baseball’s Boston Red Sox and Liverpool F.C., an English Premier League Football team. FSG was founded in 2001 in Delaware as New England Sports Ventures (NESV).

NESV’s name was changed to FSG in March 2011.

It has its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

Fenway Sports Teams

Which Sports team Is being owned by Fenway Sports Holdings.

Fenway Sports teams include Liverpool FC and the American baseball team Boston Red Sox.


Fenway Sports Group owner

Who is the owner of Fenway Sports Group?

The Fenway Sports Group is owned by billionaire John Henry, he owns 40% of stocks in FSG.


Fenway Sports Group Net Worth

How much net worth is Fenway Sports Group?

Fenway Sports Group Net Worth is estimated to be The $7 Billion Sports Company.


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Founded: 2001, Delaware, United States
Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts, United State
Fenway Sports Subsidiaries

Which companies are known as part of Subsidiaries of FenwaySports Group?

Fenway Sports Group Subsidiaries include Liverpool F.C., Fenway Sports Management, Boston Red Sox, Liverpool F.C., Fenway Park, Anfield, Roush Fenway Keselowski Racing (50%), Worcester Red Sox (10%), Salem Red Sox, New England Sports Network (80%)
MGM Music Hall.

Fenway Sports Group CEO

Who is the CEO of Fenway Sports Group? Fenway Sports Group’s president is called Michael Gordon.

Fenway Sports Group stocks

Major stockholder in Fenway Sports Group LLC is held by John Henry, followed by Chairman Tom Werner who controls the second-largest block of shares.