Former All Black to Lead New MLR Club in Pursuit of 2031 Rugby World Cup Dream


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The anticipation for the 2031 Rugby World Cup is already palpable in the United States, with the Eagles setting their sights high for the tournament on home soil.


Following the disappointment of missing out on the 2023 Rugby World Cup, where they fell short against Uruguay, the USA is determined to make a resounding comeback and showcase their potential on the global stage.

In a strategic move to bolster the country’s rugby infrastructure and talent pool, World Rugby intervened after the collapse of New York’s MLR team, the Ironworkers, and the Toronto Arrows. Their intervention led to the birth of Anthem Rugby Carolina, a new MLR club aimed at accelerating the development of American rugby.

Former All Black Alama Ieremia will take the helm as the head coach of Anthem Rugby Carolina, bringing with him a wealth of experience and expertise. With Ieremia’s leadership, the club aims to serve as a breeding ground for future American rugby stars and a crucial pathway to success for the USA Eagles.


“I’ve got a lot of the academy players which I am passionate about bringing through,” expressed Ieremia, emphasizing his commitment to nurturing young talent within the American rugby landscape.

But the focus isn’t solely on homegrown talent. Ieremia and his coaching staff are actively scouting overseas players with American heritage, aiming to assemble a diverse and formidable squad for Anthem Rugby Carolina.

USA Eagles Head Coach Scott Lawrence echoed the sentiment, highlighting the importance of players’ genuine desire to represent the nation. The pursuit of talent like Niko Jones, son of All Black legend Michael Jones, underscores the team’s commitment to building a roster driven by passion rather than financial incentives.

As preparations for the 2031 Rugby World Cup gain momentum, Lawrence drew inspiration from American history, likening the team’s ambitious goal to President JFK’s lunar vision. “That’s our moon shot, that’s what we’re going to do,” Lawrence declared, underscoring the team’s unwavering determination to reach new heights in rugby excellence.

With Anthem Rugby Carolina at the forefront of American rugby’s resurgence, the road to the 2031 Rugby World Cup promises to be an exhilarating journey filled with challenges and triumphs, as the USA Eagles strive to make history on their home turf.


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