Fourth Set of Human Remains Found at Lake Mead

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According to officials on Saturday, August 6, 2022, the fourth set of human remains was discovered at Lake Mead.

Park rangers responded to reports of human skeletal remains discovered at the lake’s Swim Beach, the fourth such discovery since May 2022.

Officials said park rangers and the dive team of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department established a perimeter to recover the remains.

The investigation is ongoing, and the medical examiner for the county is determining the cause of death


Since May, authorities have now uncovered four sets of human remains at Lake Mead, as the country’s largest reservoir deals with extremely low water levels.
Frederic J. BrownAFP via Getty Images

The latest discovery of human remains in the lake comes as the reservoir suffers from a 22-year-long drought.

According to NASA, Lake Mead has reached its lowest level since 1937 and is only 27 % full.

Because of the reservoir’s depletion, Las Vegas began pumping water from deeper in the lake, the Associated Press reported in May.

Lake Mead, which is about 20 miles east of Las Vegas, was formed by the Hoover Dam and can hold more water than any other reservoir in the United States.  It provides drinking water to millions of people.

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