Frankie JustGymIt opens up on Corazon Kwamboka’s pregnancy.

Popular fitness trainer Frank Kiarie aka Frankie JustGymIt and his girlfriend Corazon Kwamboka welcomed their first child together, Baby Tayari Kiarie, on August 3, 2020, 12 days earlier than they expected.

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Narrating the events that led to the delivery on his YouTube channel, Frankie explained that they noticed the baby had not moved at all on Sunday, August 2, 2020. Worried, they made their way to the nearest hospital to check if everything was okay.

“Saturday night (August 1), we had one of the most exhausting nights she had five-minute intervals of contractions. We didn’t sleep that much. Sunday (August 2) I was supposed to have the kids, but they were away, so we said we’ll spend time together, but she was too tired and she slept till 4 pm but the whole of Sunday baby didn’t move, kick he was not that active.

“I did not want her to panic because it being her first pregnancy and her going through endometriosis and all, the little things would scare her. We reached out to the doctor and he said it was best we go for a check-up,” he narrated.

At the doctor’s office, the couple was informed that the baby was okay, but Corazon’s blood pressure was on the high side and could be a risk to her.

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“In the evening (Same Sunday) we went for a check-up and everything was fine, Baby was kicking and all. But BP was high. I have been measuring her blood pressure for the past 3-4 days and it has been on the high side and it is not a good thing especially for pregnant ladies, preeclampsia and all,” he continued.

On the day of the delivery August 3, 2020, Frankie explained that when they woke up, he tracked Corazon’s bold pressure as he usually did, and it was still on the higher side. The baby had not kicked either. They made their way to the hospital again and were advised on an emergency C-section to save Corazon’s life.

“Today morning (Monday, August 3) when we woke, he hadn’t kicked much, so we went to the clinic and the doctor said that baby has to come out. He is fine but we are worried about you as the mother because her BP was too high.”

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“I am in the hospital right now she is in the surgery room so it is a C-section. It is 7:36 am. We thought it would be on August 15 but August 3 is the day. And it is at a healthy stage. She wanted a natural birth but we are still okay. Life is what happens when you are busy planning,” said Frankie.

Fortunately, the procedure went well, and Corazon is out of danger. The couple was discharged from the hospital after two days of admission.

“We came here on Monday and we are leaving on Sunday, and that’s a C-section so that is amazing. Being part of the life process is such an amazing experience. She is a tough lady. She is already walking. The baby’s name is Tayari Kiarie,” he said.

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