Freddie Mercury Children: Does Freddie have kids? Who inherited Freddie Mercury?

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Apart from music, Freddie Mercury also became known for his fashion sense and his stage presence. His personal life also attracted a lot of attention, even after his death in 1991. Most people remember him being in a same-sex relationship, which is why he has become a gay icon. What many people forget is that Freddie Mercury had previously had a long-standing relationship with a woman who he had described as his true love. When the film Bohemian Rhapsody was released in 2018, it reminded his fans of many other aspects of his life that have long been forgotten.


Freddie Mercury
Image Credit: Celebrity FM

Does Freddie have kids?

The straightforward answer is no. Though Freddie was engaged to a woman named Mary Austin in the ’70s, he eventually told his bride-to-be that he was sexually attracted to men. The two broke up but remained close friends until his death when she became his main beneficiary. The two never had children together, but Mary did have two sons with other partners.

Who inherited Freddie Mercury?

Freddie Mercury stated that he intended for Mary Austin to inherit his estate and that the only others that would benefit would be his cats. Austin’s inheritance from Mercury was substantial as she inherited most of his estate. He left her his beloved mansion, One Garden Lodge in West Kensington, London, along with most of the rest of his estate. Furthermore, she also became the beneficiary of half of his future royalty earnings from his music with ‘Queen’.

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