Funk Bros Biography And Net Worth


Funk Bros is a popular YouTube channel that is run by two brothers, Corey and Capron Funk. They are professional scooter riders with Apex pro scooters.

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The duo is mostly seen doing frontflips, backflips, bails, and fails at the skatepark. The contents on the Frunk Boss YouTube channel mostly show their daily activities. Corey Funk is a known competitor in the ISA USA National Championship. One of the videos that got the brothers more viewers is a trampoline, which had over 8 million views.


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The channel has about 6.5 million subscribers with1.3 a billion views and an average daily view of  550,000. Frunk Bros brothers are of the American Nationality from the United States and founded the YouTube Channel in the year 2015.

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Funk Bros Net Worth

Frunk Bros has an estimated worth of about $3.5million. Their source of income is the funds raised from their views and subscriptions. The running ads also generate about $4,400 per day ($1.6 million a year).